anatomy in function and yoga sequencing

5 – 12 Nov ’22

This Year, This Autumn, This Opportunity to dive deep into the very Fundaments of Anatomy in Function & Methodical Sequencing for Yoga Teachers. From the evolution of human functioning to the understanding of patterns and specific biomechanics of joints, chains & anatomical trains in Yoga.

So if you are that teacher that targets the anatomy specific, this 50 hrs YACEP TTC is for you. We’ll dive deep into anatomy & motion and pitch your creativity in sequencing. You’ll learn and apply a great variety on strategies and methods to specifically prepare the body on mobility, coordination and strength. You’ll be able to create a balanced (myo-)fascial relationship in well thought sequences for your yogaclasses with the deeper understanding of human biomechanics. Besides we’ll work from a anatomical perspective towards peak poses, you’ll learn to use the Body Analysis. This will allow you to help and heal imbalances in the body of your private clients or for instance to work towards your peak poses.

These strategies will allow you to thrive your whole yoga career.

From now on: Anatomy will be your playground for yogaclasses.

We believe in Small group TTC, max 8 spots @, this way we retain individually attention to grow your experience.

5 November ’22 13:00-17:00

Hand / Wrist & Anatomy based Sequencing Strategies

Fundamentals in Anatomy & Function (Anatomy, movement, terminology & laws of biomechanics)

Practical Lab: in subgroups, Teaching with “Anatomy slang”

Specific Anatomy based Sequencing Strategies (Goals, Shape, Safety & BIS method: Fascia balls combined with inhibition techniques & Streching)

Anatomy in function: Specific Scope of the Wrist (and it’s effects on the shoulder)

6 November ’22, 09:00-17:00

The Shoulder & it’s Girdle, Sequencing into Armbalances

Morning Yoga Practice! (practically jumping in and out the scope of anatomy)

Anatomy in function: Specific Scope of the Shoulder and it’s Girdle

Practical Lab in subgroups: Armbalance unravel & Sequencing Strategies

Intermezzo: The Breath & its anatomical differences (Decompression Breath)

Anatomy in function: The Shoulder & it’s Chain

7 November ’22, 09:00-17:00

Foot & knee, Sequencing into a Balancepose

Morning Yoga Practice! (practically jumping in and out the scope of anatomy)

Anatomy in function: Specific Scope on the Foot & Knee

Practical Lab in subgroups, Balance pose unravel & Specific Sequencing Strategies

Anatomy in function: Specific Scope on the Anatomy Lines

8 November

This day is “free to go”, you can connect even deeper within and stay at Shambhala, rest & swim in the pool or have a little surf with the group. We’ll relax & create some fun.

9 November ’22, 09:00-17:00

The Hip & Sequencing into Hipopeners

Morning Practice! (practically jumping in and out the scope of anatomy)

Anatomy in function: Specific Scope on the Hip

Practical Lab in subgroups: Hipopeners unravel & Specific Sequencing Strategies

Intermezzo: “Mirroring” in sequencing

Anatomy in function: The Hip and it’s Chain.

10 November ’22, 09:00-17:00

The Spine & Sequencing into “all kind of Bends”

Morning Practice! (practically jumping in and out the scope of anatomy)

Anatomy in function: Specific scope on the Spine

Asana Lab in subgroups: Bends unravel & Specific Sequencing Strategies.

Intermezzo: “Safety”

Anatomy in function: The Spine & it’s Connections

11 November ’22, 09:00-17:00

Body Analysis & Body Specific Sequencing

Morning Practice! (jumping in and out the scope of anatomy)

Body Analysis

Sequencing Lab, in subgroups: Body Specific Sequencing

12 November, 09:00 – …

We’ll dive into some questions like “Backpain & Yoga”, “Glenohumeral Instability”, some will take the flight, others will hang ’round @shambhala or go surfing and such.

healthy yoga on Tenerife

6 full days of study, 7 full nights to stay. The 2-3 persons bedrooms are included in the total price of this TTC!

We’ll transfer minimal 5% of the proceeds to the Goat Farm of Maartje Verhagen & Gregorio González Hernández. They build-up up their farm to create an educational place for underprivileged people to build up a meaningful live.

This way we help the farm and people in need.

Max. 8 spots available

We know how precious food is, so we’ll make it together!

This way we meet all nutritious specific needs and connect even deeper while we have fun in the kitchen.

So, bring your favourite recipes for lunch and dinner, so we can make a grocery list (costs not included).

healthy yoga treatment therapy

Feel free to book Treatments for your body or transformative Coaching sessions for your life purposes.

body analyse reading alignment for yoga teacher

Feel free to book a Body Analysis with specific advise to effectively balance your body

This Teacher Training Intensive @Shambhala Yoga is taught in English.

This course will create your stepping stones towards the bigger understanding of the human body in function and the benefits of Yoga and Physical Complains. We’ll teach more teacher training intensives @ Shambhala on “Back pain & Yoga”, “Hip pain & Yoga”, “Wrist & Shoulder pain & Yoga” and so forth. Be sure to get the fundamentals in this course from 5 – 12 November ’22.

Besides well go deep on Anatomy we’ll have a little surf & share the good vibes together at this beautiful Yoga School & Stay “Shambhala” on Tenerife.

We believe in Small Group TTC, max 8 spots available, this way we retain individually attention to grow your experience.

Liana & Joost, from “Healthy Yoga” will be your Teachers.

healthy yoga Groningen netherlands

Joost & Liana (Healthy Yoga) are both Yoga Teachers from The Netherlands. Joost is a Yoga Teacher, master educated Fysio-/Manual therapist, and together with Liana (Yoga Teacher & Transformational Coach) they teach anatomy based intensives for Yoga Teachers in Europe, mainly in the Netherlands & Belgium. They share their expertise & passion with absolute devotion.

We believe in the power of yoga. It is the ultimate form of selfcare and applicable for everybody. The understanding of anatomy gives purposeful tools for safe and durable yoga practice.

The goal of Healthy Yoga is to help yoga teachers to raise their profession in anatomy, physical complains, adjustments & sequencing in yoga, so you can help your clients with the best quality care.

We distinguish our expertise by offering it playful, accessible and professional with different learning methods. By offering it simpel and step-by-step it is practically applicable for everyone.

This week will create unforgettable memories for a life time!

This course is the bridge towards the TTC’s Intensives like: “Backpain & Yoga”, “Hippain & Yoga”, “Wrist-/Shoulderpain & Yoga” and so forth. In 2023 and beyond we’ll teach those programs @ Shambhala.

So get ready to dive into the understanding of human anatomy and functioning towards the sequencing in your yogaclasses.